Transferring Video Data through RDP onto Mobile

Transferring Video Data through RDP onto Mobile

I wasn't really sure where to post this. This seemed like the most applicable forum (Mobile). I am trying to write an application to remotely access my Windows 10 PC from my mobile Android phone. The main thing I want to do over this remote connection is play PC games. So that while I am away from my PC on my travels I can play a game. That way I can play high end video games through a mobile platform. As far as input is concerned for gaming, you might be able to pair a Bluetooth enabled gamepad to the phone and use that as input for playing more complex games that wouldn't work with just touch screen input.

However, I am not sure how to best achieve this. Is Intel's IoT platform the way to go here? I know there are applications that use RDP for android already, like Teamviewer. However, I don't think it is optimized for something like 1080p gaming. I don't think RDP in general is the best solution. I would like to state that I am aware of mobile data speeds and how they would likely create lag between the client and server. So my aim would be to develop this for a strong Wi-Fi connection. Maybe in the future when 5G comes around this would be possible for mobile.

Anyway, I am not sure how to best achieve this, and I wasn't sure if Intel had any development platforms or libraries that would help with this. Thanks!


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Hello, please check with the Intel (R) XDK Forum:  Thanks, Thai

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