Using Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition

Using Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition

The page here states that participants will receive a free 2-month trial of Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition.  Is there a location from within the competition website that this software can be accessed?

The software is made available to students through this page on the Intel Developer Zone, however, it is licensed under the terms of the Non-Commercial License, which states, "If You obtained the Materials under a noncommercial use license, You may use the Materials only for non-commercial use where You receive no fee, salary or any other form of compensation."  This seems to suggest that the student version of the software may not be appropriate for use in the competition.

Will the software be made available under a modified license for the competition or is my reading of the license incorrect?

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Thanks for letting us know - We plan to add the link to request a free 2-month student license to our Intel(R) Modern Code Developer Challenge page.

You ask about the licensing model of such a student license; any award you may or not receive from this challenge is not considered compensation - so go ahead and download a copy.

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