Getting the Cell_Cluster setup on windows 8

Getting the Cell_Cluster setup on windows 8

I suppose it's a bit late for asking this, but unfortunately my main linux machine is not powerful enough to handle the parallel tasks that I need it to for initial testing. So I've been trying to migrate to my windows 8 machine, which is an i5 machine with 4 cores, and 16GB memory. I have vtune and visual studio 2015 community edition installed on it... but I'm not sure where to go from there.

The environment is drastically different from the supplied files, so I'm still stuck at trying to build files and run the program on windows. Is this possible? or do I need to do everything from linux?

moreover, do I need to do everything from the cluster instead and forget about doing it locally? 

if it turns out I can setup the environment on windows, please let me know how because I'm running into a brick wall.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Tanmay,

The provided code runs on Linux-based systems. You can definitely try to run it on Windows, you will need to do few tweaks. It's not feasible for us however to provide instructions for every other platform. Having said that, if you are running into issues on Windows, please feel free to post about these issues and we will try our best to help.

I would personally recommend you to run your code on the cluster as this is the same environment that will be used to judge the performance of your code.

Hope that helps.



Hi Tanmay,

I am using MSVC2015 on Windows for profiling and development -- it currently runs 4x fast than on the cluster.

To get timings, I have implementations of unix_time() and clock_gettime() you can find here:

All other UNIX specific stuff isn't needed -- command line processing etc, so I conditionally compile the early part of main() to be ignored on Windows.

Good luck, Craig

Thank you for the tips, Craig!

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