Hello there, will there be a scoreboard posted at any time, showing performances of the code submitted so far?  I think it would be interesting to see how my solution ranks among the different contestants that have submitted their code already.

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That's a good idea, Elliot. Unfortunately, we don't have it planned as we'll need a mechanism for developers to report their times. We will consider it for future challenges though.




I hope I can use this thread, because it is related to the scoreboard. Is there a guideline at what time for the small input it is possible to run the huge one?

I just managed to get below 3 seconds and was surprised that the huge times out. Don't want to block the queue unnecessarily if it only makes sense sub 0.1 seconds for example

Hi Patrick,

It's hard to draw a correlation between the small data set runtime and the huge one. You need to check your optimizations for the large data set. My advice would be to profile your code with VTune and see where the CPU time is spent.

Hope that helps,


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