Getting started with Multi-OS Engine

Getting started with Multi-OS Engine

Hello everybody, 

We created articles to help you understand what the Multi-OS Engine is and what you can do with it. Visit our Quick Start Tutorials blog to view the getting started tutorials and samples.

Thanks you!

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Is it just me or are most of the links broken in that post ?

Hi Saad, no that's not just you :) One mighty slash was missing. I just fixed all the links! Thanks for the the catch.


I'm wondering about the eventual pricing structure for the Multi-OS Engine? Will this be included in the free tier for INDE?

Hi Daniel,

Good question. The Multi-OS Engine is currently a free product and will remain a free product. You are free to use the Multi-OS Engine to create apps and even generate revenue with it. Have you tried the Multi-OS Engine already? Please share with us your experiences so far! 

Thank you.


Hi Shailen,

No, I haven't tried it yet because I didn't want to use my time learning something that will eventually be inaccessible to me :) I suggest putting this somewhere around the websites for MOE - many of us were concerned about pricing, especially with the link to INDE (maybe it's on the website somewhere, I just couldn't find it?)


Thank you for this feedback Daniel. We will update the online information to make sure that details regarding pricing are clear and unambiguous. 

Hi Shailen,

May I know how long it takes before I can receive Intel Inde MOE early access download link?

And may I know when will it be released?

Thank you.

Hi Peter,
You should receive a link to early access MOE download page within a few days, please wait.

As for the second question, we can't provide a release date for MOE at this time.

Thanks, Alexey

Hello. I get "Server Error in '/' Application. -> Runtime error", when i click on "Get Multi-OS Engine" on this page I want to develop android/iOS apps with MOE. Thanks in advance.

The download server might have been down temporarily.  Please give it another try. 

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