MOE open source announcement

MOE open source announcement

Today, Intel is announcing that the Multi-OS Engine will be released to the developer community as an open source project.  The Multi-OS Engine is a preview release of technology that enables developers to use their Java* expertise to develop native mobile applications for iOS*, Android* on Windows* and/or OS X* host machines to achieve native performance and native look and feel.

In the 9 months since its release, the Multi-OS Engine has gained a large user base of Java developers looking for frameworks targeting iOS* and Android*, demonstrating its high performance and compatibility with the latest Android* and iOS* APIs.  Many developers and contributors in the Java* framework and tool community have expressed a strong interest in an open source venue so they can contribute to the Multi-OS Engine technology and build an ecosystem of tools around it.

We are pleased with the acceptance of the Multi-OS Engine within the developer community and will be releasing it under a developer friendly open source license soon.  Stay tuned and visit our forum here to share your feedbacks and comments.

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It is the best news I heard!



       MOE is great, I like it very much.this is the best news for me this year! I have some questions:

      1. What's the plan about MOE? Is there a roadmap about MOE?

      2. Does Intel will continue to develop MOE?

      3. Does MOE open the whole source code like auto generate API binding, designer, debuger, GC, AOT, class library etc?

      4.How about bit code support and watchOS, tvOS support?

      5. What is the license? apache 2.0 or MIT? 

      6.When will MOE open source ?

with best regards


This is a fantastic news guys! This will give a real start to this product.

Rad x properly summarized all the questions we have, so I'm eager to see the answers now :-)

Thanks for making it OS.

Thank you for interest, please stay tuned for further news about MOE. We are going to open source all MOE components under Apache 2.0 license.

Last Saturday my wife gave birth to our daughter and now this !

Thanks a lot Intel


Great news!

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Alexey S. (Intel),

     Are there any new news?


Will Intel still continue to lead the project ? and support ? 


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