Intel NIC 82599 losing packets

Intel NIC 82599 losing packets

Hi, I am writing a driver for Intel NIC 82599.

The driver is set up in legacy mode.

For some reason the card cannot keep up with a large number of small packets (64 Bytes)

This is what I am doing:

1. Set up dual NIC card in legacy mode, cards connected together

2. Set up single RX

3. Set up 4 TX queues

4. Fill the 4 TX queues with 10,000 packets, size 64 Bytes

5. Move the TDT in each TX queue to 10,000. This transmits the packets

6. Check results.

What happens is around 9,000 packets out of the 40,000 are dropped on receive NIC

If I increase the packet size to 1500, all packets are received.

It appears like the card cannot read the buffers quickly enough and some have to be discarded.

Can anyone help with this?

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