Unfortunate interaction between distinct NICs under WEC 7

Unfortunate interaction between distinct NICs under WEC 7

We're configuring WEC 7 for use on mCom10-L1500 (rugged COM Express module) based on the AMD Gx-411GA SOC.    The host board bears two NICs:  the Intel I210 and the Intel 82574L.  With the available driver set, there is unfortunate interaction between the two:


The 82574L doesn’t obtain an IP address (, static or dhcp until there is link power present in the I210.  Disconnecting the I210 causes the 82574 to lose its IP address.  If both NICs connected at boot, the 82574L works intermittently, sometimes having an address and but more often not.    The I210 Ethernet works fine though, on either DHCP or static IP


From a posting on an MSDN forum (google:  multiple NICs losing static IP address WEC7) 


it appears this problem was addressed by a "Beta" driver from Intel.  


My guess is that the fix got released for WEC 2013 (judging by dates)  in the V12 distribution (PROEmbSw12.exe) but the WEC7 drivers there-in didn't get updated (remain at V11.)


How might I solicit a WEC7-compatible fix, even if just Beta? 

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<nothing but crickets> 

Please steer me right, if I'm addressing the wrong audience.   Thanks!   

Rick, sorry for the inconvenience, can you please post this question in our Embedded Community forum - https://embedded.communities.intel.com/community/en 


Rick, We have an Intel team working on this, what driver version are you currently using. Can you please try with below driver


Let us know if you are able to resolve the issue. 

Thanks for responding, Ashok!  

We had found this version (V11.5) of the driver in the WEC7 directory of the V12 driver set, and tried it. 

Do let us know if there are other experiments we should conduct... Cheers! 

Rick, Thanks for trying that out. I shared the information with our driver team, once we have an update I will post it here.

Rick, Can please verify via device manager that both ports actually have the latest driver (that was linked earlier) is actually installed on both ports. 

Ashok, I'm sorry to report we "timed-out" on this effort... i.e. lost the resource to work the challenge.  We appreciate the effort, and I was a little tempted to work the problem further, in my own discretionary time, just to reach an understanding, but since this problem is no longer critical path to our product goals, I can't claim its deserving of your further attentions.   Thanks for your help... hopefully next time we'll come way with a real bug-kill.   -- rick  

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