Installed Windows 10 NIC drivers but MS says still not compatible?

Installed Windows 10 NIC drivers but MS says still not compatible?

My motherboard has a "Intel Ethernet Connection (2) I218-V" NIC built into it.  I have installed the latest Win10 compatible drivers (ver 20.2) from

However, Microsoft's "Get Windows 10" compatibility checker still says "Unfortunately, this PC is unable to run Windows 10" reason "There are no supported networking devices".

How do I resolve this?  Looks like there is a communications gap between Intel (who claims ver 20.2 drivers are compatible) and Microsoft (who thinks that they are not.

BTW, my motherboard is

They have ver 20.2 listed there as well.


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Below is the response from our ethernet team

"Reviewing the cited forum, it is stated that the Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I218-V is used to implement the Network Interface Card (NIC) built into the cited third party motherboard. Due to this fact, it is a third party implementation. Our suggestion is to contact the manufacturer of your motherboard to receive the further drivers, because they have modified the devices where the video, audio, or other features (such the networking functions) are generated. These changes have been applied in their drivers. This information and more details can be found at:

In this specific case, as a reference please check the following web site:

Intel offers generic drivers that may possibly work incorrectly with your third party motherboard as mentioned at the cited forum. In case that you need them, the Intel(R) Driver Update Utility that may help you can be found at: "

That is a good generic answer.  I have been shunted between Microsoft, Intel and ASRock, with each blaming the other.

It turns out that the driver supplied by Intel is identical to the one from ASRock.  I compared the version #, size, date, time and even the digital signatures of the files from both sources.

So the problems in MS not accepting Intel drivers remains.  The 2 companies need to work this out with each other...


PS: breaking news: Intel has newer drivers (for Win 10).  I'll try those out.

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