Intel AC 3165 network adapter/driver problems

Intel AC 3165 network adapter/driver problems

Hello, I'm Simon, I'm a computer science student at university and I'm at the end of my technical ability to fix the wireless connection on my new laptop. I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge to help me with this limited problem, I've dived deep through the internet and hardly anyone has these driver problems but me.. 

My laptop is an MSI, the operating system is Windows 10, and it's encountering a problem with the network driver, the intel dual band AC3165 is not working properly, the device keeps disappearing and reappearing in my device manager, and it's connecting to the internet for 1 minute every restart, then the driver disappears from my device manager and disrupts the connection until I restart it again. I've tried so many techniques, from uninstalling my network drivers, updating the driver online through trial and error limited connection, changing and resetting the IP addresses, going into the admin command prompt and resetting all sorts of settings, I've been trying for hours and hours over the period of two days and no hope.

The strange thing is, is that the laptop worked perfectly fine with my university internet. Now that I'm home, whenever I try with my home router or I even tried it at my girlfriends home, and even a personal hotspot from my mobile, is that the network driver installed keeps randomly disappearing, it has a yellow icon next to it telling me that the driver is not functioning/working properly. It has worked at home before, but now it never works. Diagonsing or troubleshooting the problem tells me multiple errors, such as the default gateway is not successfully connecting, DNS problems or "your computer is offline" I couldn't count the amount of times I've tried reinstalling the drivers, different drivers using no driver.. it keeps occurring.

Any help is gratefully appreciated as I'm at my last era of hope now, and I really don't want to system restore because I have a bunch of my game development files and youtube videos/editing software will all be lost :(

 Many thanks and kind regards to any help - Simone



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Have you tried the latest driver at

and checked to see if AVG or other Antivirus software might be an issue by turning it off ?


Colleen C. (Intel) wrote:

Have you tried the latest driver at

and checked to see if AVG or other Antivirus software might be an issue by turning it off ?



Hello, thank you very much for your reply! I have tried installing this, however after I installed this, nothing happened, I also tried installing the drivers again (Intel AC 7265) and yes I have tried turning off my anti virus, still really confused, I think I'm going to have to reset my laptop


I've solved my problem now but thought I'd leave my solution here in case anyone else recieves these problems with their router

The problem was, is that strangely the new drivers were having limited connection issues with the sky router, the new drivers did not like the sky router at all, the network gateway kept alternating, eventually corrupting my connection.

I solved this by updating my driver to the oldest possible version installed on my PC, and doing this fixed my connection issue and allowed me to connect to my sky hub normally. I've no clue why the updated driver would behave in such a way, but there we have it :-)

Many thanks, Simon



I have been having the same extremely frustrating problem as Simon B.  I have a Dell Inspiron 3000 series that is less than 1 year old.  Over the past several months, the problem seemed to keep getting worse-  my computer would show that it was connected to my wireless network, but that there was no internet connection.  I tried rebooting which would solve the problem initially, but then it would disconnect again a few minutes after rebooting.  I tried completely disconnecting from the wireless network and reconnecting which would solve the problem for a few minutes.  This would occur multiple times per hour!!!!   

Today, the problem became WORSE.  The usual "no internet" message would come up, but it would no longer recognize that there were ANY wireless networks available.  I tried rebooting and had the same problem again- no wireless networks.  Tried the troubleshooter, but that resulted in no suggestions.  The hardware profile of my wireless card showed that it was working correctly... I plugged in so I would have a wired connection and everything worked fine.  I started searching for solutions and quickly found Simon's post so, I rolled back the driver to 9/7/16.  Imagine that, my wireless connectivity issues were miraculously fixed.  It's working beautifully with the 9/7/16 driver. 

Just yesterday, my wife's HP laptop started doing the exact same thing when we were using it away from home.  I guess I'll be rolling back her driver too. 

This is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!!!!    Society in general spends a lot of money on technology and we shouldn't have to deal with these kinds of problems due to a driver update. 

Hi Chris and Sam,


I have same problem .... Can you please kindly share me the link to the driver you are using now? I can't find the driver 9/7/16 ..

Appreciate your help.





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