Intel announced the Intel SDK for OpenCL* Applications 2013 Beta

Intel announced the Intel SDK for OpenCL* Applications 2013 Beta

Im happy to announce that Intel has released the new Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications 2013 Beta with some major features like OpenCL 1.2 support for CPU device, Windows 8* support, and new development and debugging tools.

Supported by the new Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 8*, this Beta SDK allows OpenCL 1.2 API preview support on Intel CPUs mixed with the production OpenCL 1.1 support on Intel HD Graphics. For Linux* developers on Intel CPU we have posted new package that not only support OpenCL 1.2 but also provide GNU Debugger (GDB) full debugging support.

So what else is new with this SDK?

  • Platform Mixed version support on the 3rd Generation Intel Core processor family with Intel HD Graphics 4000/2500 on Windows* operating systems.

    • Platform version (CL_PLATFORM_VERSION) OpenCL 1.2
    • CPU device version (CL_DEVICE_VERSION) OpenCL 1.2
    • Intel HD Graphics device version (CL_DEVICE_VERSION) OpenCL 1.1
  • Performance improvements for many OpenCL kernels running on CPU.
  • Preview Tool: Kernel Builder standalone developer tool now integrated with the Intel SDK for OpenCL offline compiler and support Kernel analyzing view that enables building OpenCL* kernels and getting kernel execution time across both CPU and the Intel HD Graphics.
  • GNU Debugger (GDB) full debugging support.
  • Preview Feature: The SDK supports the kernel source code hotspots analysis with the Intel VTune Amplifier XE 2011 update 3 or higher.
  • CPU only runtime package for Linux* operating systems

The list above is just a sample of what is available with this new beta SDK.

It is time to say thank you for participating in this forum and inspiring us with your feedback and requests that help us to add those features to the product that you need most. Please continue doing so.

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Uri Levy

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Excellent! I am glad to see so rapiddevelopment of Intel OpenCL Implementation. How about the Intel HD graphics devices support on Linux? I hope we don't need to wait for SDK 2014.Thanks for all your great work!ZHAO Peng

Why Windows 8 ?The current version of Windows is 7 ! Why creating an OpenCL SDK that only work for a beta system ?!

The beta SDK supports Windows 8 and its not exclusive. You can still install it on Win7.


The same question about HD graphics support for Linux. When do Intel plans to provide it?

Just a suggestion, but...It will be great if the Intel OpenCL Team can add some extensions/options to handle some problems in the OpenCL kernels.By example, adding a compilation options to "trace" the exeptions like :- division by zero- access violationSimply, when this kind of error occur, displaying :- The error description- The stack (method+line number), with the precise line numer for the error- The locals variablesMore 'debug' tools will be really helpful, because handling such an exception when we throw thousands of work-items is a pain if the kernel is complex !Thanks for your work...

The beta seems to have vanished--I get "no content found". Any insight into what happened would be much appreciated.


The issue with the beta page has been fixed. The page is live again.
Thanks for the feedback,

Hi Uri,
On the following webpage ( I do not see a option to download the package for Linux.
As per your comments "CPU only runtime package for Linux* operating systems". Could you please let me know where I can get hold the package for linux.


Hi Gudge,
We have recently announced the future availability of OpenCL for Xeon and Intel Xeon Phi for Linux OSs. See at: The new 2013 Beta Linux version will be available with this release availability.

If you need OpenCL on Xeon for Linux OS, please download the 2012 version available at:

- Arnon

Intel released the final OpenCL 2013 SDK a few days ago.There is one big typically Intel issue: bad driver support

For OpenCL* 1.2 support on 3rd Generation and future 4th Generation Intel® HD Graphics, you must have Intel® HD Graphics Driver version 15.31.3071 or higher. You can obtain the latest driver version from the Intel® download center.

There is no such driver available! Releasing a final SDK to the public without having the required driver seems to be odd. The last official driver for HD4000 is dated from mid december which nicely shows Intels biggest issue regarding integrated graphics: driver support

The new SDK site is now public in support of OpenCL 1.2 developers and with new development tools and Visual Studio 2012 support. The graphics driver with support of OpenCL 1.2 is now available to our partners and is supported by the new SDK. The driver will be available publicy for your use soon.

We will use this forum to update you when both SDK and Driver are formaly available publicly.

Thanks, Arnon

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