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Linux Support

As many high performance computing researchers are using open source community tools on Linux environments it would be a mutual benefit for Intel to support OpenCL driver stack and run time on Linux.Thanks

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For me this issue is very intetresting also. We have development for Linux and Windows both. and Linux version is main for us now. We are working on portin to GPU right using OpenCL, so we require LInux support...

Me too.


I'm currently reading up on OpenCL and found this on Intels OpenCL SDK page

"The Intel SDK for OpenCL* Applications 2012 provides development environment for OpenCL applications on Intel Architecture for Windows* and Linux* operating systems.",

What part of OpenCL does Intel not support on Linux?

In latest press release according SDK 2013 - only runtime for CPU

I have installed intel_sdk_for_ocl_applications_2012_x64.tgz on my linux box. There are tutorials on the SDK guide on how to go about building your applications on Windows. I didn't find much on linux. Which libraries to link to. Any sample Makefiles or code would be greatly appreciated.


The file is gone!

Why? No announcement, no replacement, nothing, It's been simply removed.

Gentoo comes with support for Intel's implementation of OpenCL for Intel processors, but now that the file is gone the installation procedure (emerge) fails, which in turn break other packages along the line. The is no support for Linux in the 2013 release (yet) either.


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