Error 46 : clCreateKernel

Error 46 : clCreateKernel

I am getting the error 46when the clCreateKernel function is called. What exactly is the reason for this error?
I suspect its the problem with my global size and local size distribution.

I am trying to run the kernel with a two dimensional grid. There are 16 elements so I want 16 threads.
I want 4 work groups each with 4 threads.

so this is how I had done

size_t globalws[2] = {4,4};

size_t localws = 4;

In the clEnqueueNDRangekernel, I have specified the no. of work dimensions as 2.

The kernel is as follows..
[cpp]__kernel void buffcpy(__global const char* src, __global char* dst, const int len){
int idx = get_global_id(0);
int ids = get_global_size(0);
int i;
for(i=idx;iAm I doing it the right way ??

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Are you certain its error 46 and not -46? Error -46 means your kernel name is invalid. What's the name of the kernel you are passing to clCreateKernel?


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