Sandybridge onchip GPU support cat /proc/cpuinfo Intel Xeon E31245

Sandybridge onchip GPU support cat /proc/cpuinfo Intel Xeon E31245

apologies, I should have been able to determine this easily but the information was hard to find ... I believe my processor has HD3000 graphics, the OpenCL release notes state ...

  • Intel HD Graphics supports OpenCL* only on the 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors with the Intel HD Graphics 4000/2500.
  • Intel HD Graphics is supported only on the MicrosoftWindows* 7 operating systems.

If someone could let me know if my current processor will support onchip graphics exploitation via OpenCL that would be great.



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Hi Andy,

Sorry for the late reply. The answer is no. There is no OpenCL GPU support on HD3000. Please see the FAQ for more info.


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