clGetDeviceIDs bug in SDK 2012

clGetDeviceIDs bug in SDK 2012

Hy all,Maybe I'm wrong but I think I have found a bug in the OpenCL SDK 2012 with the clGetDeviceIDs function.When I call it with these parameters:clGetDeviceIDs(intelPlatformId, CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU, 0, NULL, &nbDevice);it must returnsCL_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND but it returns CL_SUCCESS and nbDevice is set to 0.I don't try with other DEVICE_TYPE but I can if needed.

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Thanks for reporting the issue. Yes, it looks like a bug (I verified I am seeing the same behavior as you). When no devices are found matching the device_id, clGetDeviceIDs must return CL_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND. I will file an issue and let you know when a fix is available.


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