Knights Corner and OpenCL

Knights Corner and OpenCL

Will OpenCL be the preferd method for programming Knights Corner devices or OpenMP or both?

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I'm very much interested in this info too. Some feedback on this would be apreciated.

Intel Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel MIC Architecture) offers general purpose programmability based ona common tool set and parallelization methodologies with our mainstream Intel Xeon microprocessors. More info on Intel MIC can be found here. I also suggest you to go to the Intel Server Developer Community.The IntelSDK for OpenCL Applications 2012 supports Intel Xeon processors. Intel has not announced OpenCL support for any otherarchitecture beyond what is available today.

Well, check out this interview of Yariv Aridor, who Intel says is leading the OpenCL implementation on MIC architecture :)

So I think OpenCL is very likely coming to MIC.

(Note: I am not associated with Intel in anyway, nor do I have any inside info)

Wondering if there is an update to the situation now. Really hoping that MIC supports OpenCL.

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