Apple's OpenCL quaternion Julia on Windows

Apple's OpenCL quaternion Julia on Windows

If you have a 3rd generation can you test the GPU capabilities of the Intels HD chip on your CPU?On the console in the folder created when you unzip the file you have to type : qJulia IntelI am wondering whether typing : qJulia cpu also works can you test this also. The OpenCL runs on the CPU.I have a first generation i7 and can't test these.The file qJulia.rar is without any virus 100% guarantee.Cheers,Alexander.

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Thanks for sharing,We will let you know if we can process your request,Regards,Arnon

Quoting Arnon Peleg (Intel)
Thanks for sharing,We will let you know if we can process your request,Regards,Arnon

Well I need to find the cause of the problem because the example runs only on NVIDIA cards, it is probaly the DLLs I inculde not certain. The good thing is that you can run now with Intel SDK qJulia cpu because you have inserted the DirectX and OpenGL Interoperability. Cool. I need to just fix the graphics issues and it will run with all computers. It does not run on an AMD card also so do not be alarmed if it doesn't run. I will allocate an hour to see what is the problem.

After a tough race with the Siggraph Asia deadline its time for me to see what is going on here...I have found glut for 64 bit and glew for 64 bit independent from NVIDIA. Lets see what is going on with the OpenGL interoperability issue...What a better way for a tech-geek to spend his weekend than OpenCL combined with OpenGL indeed.

I have extracted any NVIDIA association with the Solution I present.I am using Intel's OpenCL library so you can run the Solution.In the command prompt in the directory Output inside qJulia directory you should write:qJulia cpu (for cpu run of the kernel)qJulia Intel (for Intel's new GPU of the 3rd generation CPU).Enjoy. If you can't run it then you have a problem...


Downloadapplication/rar qJulia.rar15.52 MB

In my cpu (1st generation i7) when I type qJulia cpu it shows the glut window draws the first frame and it gets stuck...:-( Maybe it can run only with a 3rd generation cpu. This is what I want to know.Anyone with a 3rd generation CPU?

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