Weird behaviour of atomic functions

Weird behaviour of atomic functions

Hi,I tried implementing a simple lock/mutex using OpenCL atomic functions. The following kernel demonstrates the general idea:__kernel void lock() { volatile __local int mutex; // Every thread waits until it gets the lock. int done = 0; while (!done) { // Try to get the lock int lock = !atomic_cmpxchg(&(mutex), 0, 1); if (lock) { done = 1; // Release the lock atomic_xchg(&(mutex), 0); } } return;}On my Nvidia GPU, the kernel works fine. However, on the latest Intel OCL SDK (version 2.0.31360.31426 on x64 Linux, running on Xeon CPU) the kernel seems to deadlock. Am I missing something here?Max

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You made an assumption of parallel execution of work items. However, it's not a always true.
The appropriate way to synchronize inside a work group is barrier() built-in.

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