Intel announced the Intel SDK for OpenCL* applications 2012

Intel announced the Intel SDK for OpenCL* applications 2012

In support of the recent
announcement of the3rdGeneration
Intel Core Processors
, Intel has formally released today the Intel SDK
for OpenCL* Applications 2012. For the first time, OpenCL* developers using
Intel architecture can utilize compute resources across both Intel Processors
and Intel HD Graphics Driver 4000/2500.

I would like to personally thank the
developers in this forum for the great feedback that helps us to bring this new

So whats new in this SDK?

  • A Single OpenCL platform
    enables shared context for OpenCL applications running on both the CPU and
    Intel HD Graphics 4000/2500. The OpenCL platform with both CPU and HD Graphics
    devices is available seamlessly on theIntel
    HD Graphics Drivers
  • Interoperability with theIntel Media SDKwith no memory copy overhead
  • Improved performance for
    OpenCL applications running on Intel Xeon Processors and Intel Core
    Processors. This CPU support is also available for Linux* OS developers.
  • Intel SDK for OpenCL*
    applications development tools includes an offline compiler and a step-by-step
    OpenCL Kernel debugger (for CPU) integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio* 2010.
  • 10 OpenCL code samples,
    three of them new, are now available for independent download.

The list above is just a
sample of what is available with this new SDK. I recommend you readthe product briefor watch theintroduction videoto get started with this new SDK.

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Arnon Peleg,Intel SDK for OpenCL
Product Management

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