About GPU OpenCL support:D3D11 interop, FP64 support etc..

About GPU OpenCL support:D3D11 interop, FP64 support etc..

I'm seeing articles on IVB GPU and seems currently GPUOpenCL support is lacking double precision support which is supported in GPU HW.. In directcompute is supported but seems no in OCL.. do you plan to expose basic double precesion operations as in directcompute (i.e. add, sub, mul,etc..) before full cl_khr_fp64 support?

Also seems there is support for D3D10 interop but IVB has d3d11 support so add please request for d3d11 interop.. seems it's a optional CL 1.2 ext but this would be good before full OpenCL 1.2 support..


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Thanks for sharing your needs with us,As we done in the past, we will continue to provide more OpenCL features with new generations of the product. Yet, we cannot comment here on what will be available in future releases.Regards,- Arnon

According to the Real WorldTechnologies detailed article on the Ivy Bridge, Intel had the foresightto include Double Precision hardware support.http://www.realworldtech.com/page.cfm?ArticleID=RWT042212225031Please support that hardware in Opencl by addingcl_khr_fp64 support.

Here is another vote for request to implement cl_khr_fp64 for Ivy Bridge GPU.

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