PDF Version of OpenCL 2012 Optimization Guide

PDF Version of OpenCL 2012 Optimization Guide

Is there a PDF file for the OpenCL Optimization Guide? I can only find the find to the web based version here:

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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

Hi Jim,
Sorry to say this: there is no PDF file of the "OpenCL 2012Optimization Guide" available at time.
Maybe it's comming some later. Don`t worry.
Use meanwhile the web based version.


Although there is no pdf ver on the web, you might want to use "offline" html versions of Optimization/User/etc Guides that are shipped with SDK itself:

Specifically, Intel SDK for OpenCL* Applications package contains the following documents:

  • Installation Guide
  • Release Notes
  • User's Guide
  • OpenCL* Optimization Guide

By default Intel SDK for OpenCL* Applications documents are in:

C:\Program Files\Intel\OpenCL SDK\2012\doc (on 64-bit operating systems, instead of Program Files, the directory name is Program Files (x86))

Still we strongly recommend to use web-based versions since those are most updated. For example the online versions already include some mistakes fixed, also important clarifications, etc. Propagating these important changes to the full-blown SDK package will take some time anyway.

Thanks for the reply. I realise that the online versions are the mostup to datehowever in closed environments neither the web based nor a soft copy is a viable option. Even out of date versions would be very very helpful if at all possible.

Is there any chance their will be a PDF anytime soon? in closed environments we really need something we can print out as the offline html files are not printable. This would be of tremendous help.

Thanks for rasing this issue onve again.We will take your ask into consideration.Arnon

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