OpenCL on HD4000 on Linux?

OpenCL on HD4000 on Linux?

Seems OpenCL 2012 SDK doesn't support OpenCL on IVB GPU on Linux? it's right? must we wait for 2013 release? also seems intel is using a "GHAL3D" LLVM backend for OpenCL on GPU.. are you planning on open sourcing it similar to AMD open sourcing AMDIL backend for LLVM.. that could bring an open source OpenCL support faster now that primitive opensource opencl support in AMD cards on linux using AMDIL backend..

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AMD OpenCL works fine on Linux (some problems still exists, but generally works fine). Same for NVidia.

Hope, we'll see intel iGPU support too soon.

I am also interested in Linux support for the IVY Bridge GPU on linux.

Thanks for posting your feedback and needs.
Regards,- Arnon

I too would be interested in knowing about a release date for Intel openCL on the ivy bridge GPUs for Linux. Does anyone have any details?

I would also very much like some information on this. This ability has great potential for high performance computing which I would like to experiment with, but unfortunately the GPU's potential is currently wasted...

I would like to see support for this as well. Please add GPU support for Linux in the next OpenCL SDK release. A lot of devs are using Linux now.

I can compile OpenCL apps just fine under Linux, but OpenCL is not executing on the GPU. I'm using the 2012 OpenCL SDK, not the new beta. The new beta however still says no GPU OpenCL for Linux.

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