Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)

Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)

This is a repost of a question asked on the Intel OpenCL twitter feed ... The request is being taken care of but I thought I'll repost it here for everybody's benefit.I requested the ECCN for the Intel OpenCL SDK which is a classification used in the Commerce Control List of the US Bureau of Industry and Security (http://www.bis.doc.gov/licensing/do_i_needaneccn.html).The Intel OpenCL SDK is free of charge but my organization requires the ECCN before the software can be installed on its computers.

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Thanks for raising this issue,The Intel OpenCL SDK is assigned with ECCN=EAR99 as defined inhttp://www.bis.doc.gov/licensing/do_i_needaneccn.htmlRemember that shipments of EAR99 items to embargoed destinations, denied persons, sanctioned entities or prohibited end-users or end-uses will require a license from BIS.For more information on licenses agreement and limitation, read:http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/opencl-sdk-eula/Hope this help,Arnon

Thanks for the information Arnon

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