Intel OpenCL SDK fails to install

Intel OpenCL SDK fails to install

helloi tried to installIntel OpenCL SDK but the installation could not be established.the message showen to me is :The current version on Intel OpenCL SDK 1.5 installer detectes that you are trying to install SDK on an unsupprted hardware paltform.i don't know why my computer could not support Intel OpenCL SDKmy OS is VISTA(32)help me pleaaaaaaaaaaase

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Intel OpenCL SDK 1.5 requires support for the Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.1 (Intel SSE 4.1) or higher (Intel SSE 4.2, Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel AVX)).
Please make sure that the hardware platform on which you're trying to install the SDK contain CPU thatsupportsthe required instruction set extensions.
For a full list of supported products, please visit the release notes page ( on our website.


thank youmy processor is(Intel SSE 2) so for that it doesn't support intel openCL SDK 1.5 :(is there anothor version of intel opencl SDK that can works with my processor :Intel Core2 Duo CPU T5870 @ 2.00GHz SSE 2operating system: VISTA 32bits????

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