ICD related problem

ICD related problem


I have a laptop with an Intel CPU and a NVIDIA GPU. I have some problems on compiling/running OpenCL program on both of these platforms.

On Windows 7, first I have installed the NVIDIA driver and SDK in order to develop OpenCL program andI configured Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express; it was alright. Then, I installed Intell SDK and tried to configured Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express. I installed everything in 32-bits.

Two platforms are found with clGetPlatformIDs but a call of clGetPlatformInfo gives an error.
So I suppose the problem is related to the OpenCL ICD. Indeed, I have not understoodthe"Installable Client Driver (ICD) Modification" section explanations of the installation notes actually, and so I have not done any modification with regards to that.

I would be grateful if you canhelp me fix my problem.

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Please try to manually delete the OpenCL ICD (OpenCL.dll) from the system folder (C:\Winodws\System32\OpenCL.dll) and re-install Intel OpenCL SDK.


microsoft visual studio c++ 2010 could not support intel opencl SDKyou have to install visual studio 2008 because it contain the debugger opencl

With new release (2012) you can now work with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 as well.Regards,- Arnon

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