More information on the Intel OpenCL SDK Vectorization module

More information on the Intel OpenCL SDK Vectorization module

Dear forum,

More information about the Intel implicit vectorization module for OpenCL applications is available below.

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The Intel OpenCL SDK features an implicit vectorization
module which boosts the performance of applications. The Implicit CPU
vectorization module seamlessly compiles the users OpenCL kernels to fully
utilize the full 8 wide floating point SIMD processing, boosting the
performance of user code without user intervention. The implicit vectorization
module uses state of the art vectorization algorithms, based on up to date
compiler research, to ensure that the code performs. Read Nadav Rotem blog here

Intels OpenCL implicit vectorization module is based on the
LLVM compiler toolkit. We contributed major changes to the open source
community for better support of Intel architecture:

Check the OpenCL implicit vectorization module talk from the latest LLVM developers conference:

Regards,- Arnon

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Thank you for the tip. Great presentation and great work by the folks. I believe congratulations are in order...

This is a great presentation. Thank you very much for posting it!

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