How to emulate a device of GPU on SDK 1.5

How to emulate a device of GPU on SDK 1.5

Hi,GPU is not equipped on my PC. Can SDK 1.5 execute device emulatio for GPU? If so, please tell me how to utilize device emulator on SDK 1.5.

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Hi,The Intel OpenCL runtime can run OpenCL kernels but not to emulate a GPU as it is optimized for efficent execution on the x86 cores and the SSE and AVX instruction sets. Most of the code you would have run on a GPU would run on the CPU as well but you will have to design your algorithms with the underlying runtime architecture in mind to get decent performance.So if you are trying to determine if you write code on your system without a GPU can you then take it to a system with a GPU and run the same code then the answer is Yes for the most part but you will likely not have very good performance and their may be some features not implemented on the CPU that are on the GPU and vice versa.If you are asking for the CPU to 100% emulate the GPU that is not possible on Intel, AMD, IBM, NVidia, or any of the OpenCL vendors currently and I do not believe there are any plans to do that on any of the platforms.Hope that helps.Jim

Thank you for your advice.
My PC is for my home work. My code can run on GPU systme in my school. So, in order to test my algorithms, I would like to use runtime and write codereferring to samples ofIntel OpneClSDK 1.5. When the samplesrun on my PC, I found out that "BitonicSort" isa good sample using runtime for debugging.


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