Can I get an older version of the SDK for older hardware?

Can I get an older version of the SDK for older hardware?


I have just downloaded the latest OpenCL SDK (1.5) and found that it doesn't work with my hardware. It seems that the SDK requires SSE 4.1 or higher. According to CPU-Z, my Intel Celeron M 530 only provides 'MMX, SSE (1, 2, 3, 3S), EM64T'.

Will an earlier version of the OpenCL SDK work with this older hardware, and if so where can I download it? It doesn't matter how fast it runs as I just want to experiment really.

Otherwise do I have any other options? I assume I can't use the AMD or NVidia SDK's unless I have their hardware. Is there a pure software implementation somewhere?



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Right, this version of the SDK supportsIntel Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.1 (Intel SSE 4.1) or higher. This was the case for previous versions as well, so downloading older software will not help.Other CPU HW vendors do support OpenCL on the CPU that may run on Intel CPU, you will need to talk directly with those vendors to see if it support your HW.Regards,ArnonIntelCorporation

Thanks for the information. It seems it is indeed possible to use the OpenCL SDK of another CPU manufacturer and have it work with Intel hardware. I haven't tsted extensively yet but it appears promising so far.


I can confirm that using other vendor's OpenCL compilers do work on processors with SSE 3+ but it may be better to check the other developers forum as they will be able to provide more information on their implementation. The problem with this solution is there is not support from other vendors running on hardware which they do not create so you may run into issues that will be difficult to explain and will have a low priority to be fixed.

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