Beginner questions about Intel OpenCl SDK 1.5

Beginner questions about Intel OpenCl SDK 1.5

Hi all

I've been programming for a while, the last months opengl and i want to try opencl but i fail at the very beginning. I hope you can help me with this questions :)

i use a lenovo x220t with a Intel HD Graphics 3000 inside. I read that atm. this is not supported with opencl. If that is true please tell me because then i know my problem can't be fixed.

I am using visual studio 2010 and downloaded the Intel SDK 1.5.

I tried to get GodsRay from the samples to run!

When i try to compile the program, i get this:

Can you tell me where i can find the failure?

regards claus

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as far as I can understand the output in your screenshot (except for the string in German, but I guess this stands for "Press any key to continue" ) evrything is ok. The OCL run on the CPU and indeed OpenCL for the integrated graphicas is not currently supported.
You can inspect bmp files for the results.

Yours, Max


thank you for the answer.

Indeed it creates the picture which shows me it works. I didn't know it just creats a picture. But hey its cool i see it works :)

What effects do i have when you say the integrated graphics are currently supported and am i right when i assume they will be supported some time?

lg, Claus

P.S.: yes its "Press any Key" :D

Hey can you please tell, is it necessary to know opengl for opencl programming?And can this Intel SDK support NVIDIA or AMD GPU's

Opencl is a general purpose language, it's not necessary to know Opengl for opencl programming.Intel Opencl SDK can't support Nvidia/AMD or other GPU's , each vendor have his own implementation of Opencl specs.

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