CPU performance : E8400 faster than I7 !!!!!!!

CPU performance : E8400 faster than I7 !!!!!!!

Hi,I run my application on several machines and I see a strange problem. When I run my application on a E8400 (2 cores) it is faster than on a i7 (8 cores).When I look at the task manager, with the E8400 the application run between 98% and 100% CPU usage.With the i7, between 60% and 90%, it is not very constant !If you want I can send my application to the Intel Team.Regards

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I guess the task is too small to utilize more than 2 cores, so taking all the threads off the ground for i7 just introduces an overhead, without any real boost.

Sure, we would like to test the app on our side anyway

Thanks Maxim,Where/How can I send you the full application with instructions ?RegardsKrys

When submitting a new post in this forum, you can select Add Files and attach your code/instrucitons.If you don't want the code to be public available, you can mark the post Private (see checkbox below the post editor window). Than only Intel and you will be able to see your post.Arnon

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