Offline 64-bit Compiler crash

Offline 64-bit Compiler crash

when I try to build the following code with 64-bit compiler, it crashes. 32-bit compiler hangs with this code.
OS: Win7 64-bit
CPU: Core i5
SDK Version: latest (1.1) (Please consider displaying a revision of the SDK in the download page to simplify referring to the exact version here in forums)

float f(float3 g)
return g.x();

The code apparently contains an error in getting vector component. When I correct it, compiler builds fine.

Best regards,
Jiri Matejka

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Hi Jiri,

Thank you for reporting the issue and finding the workaround.


just one extra question, are you planning to fix this issue?

This error was caused when I ported C++ code (Qt) to OpenCL. And because the compiler crashes it was hard to identify where the problem can be.

Expected behaviour of the compiler is to report a syntax error instead of crash.

Thank you in advance,


Once the issue will be reproduced on our side we will fix it.

However, i can't communicate when the fix will be released.


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