Fortran spread() function in OpenCL

Fortran spread() function in OpenCL


I want to implement fortran spread function in OpenCL kernel. For example; inside a loop with index k, I have following fortran statements that need to make (n-k)(n-k) matrices first from a row of matrix "a" and then from a column of matrix "a";


I will probably make a new matrix in each iteration of loop inside OpenCL kernel and will need to spread kth row along all rows of one matrix and to spread kth column along all colums of second matrix. How could I do that in Opencl kernel?

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Anybody there?


Sorry for the slow reply, many of us are on vacation and others are attending SIGGRAPH 2011. In any case, I'd love to try and help you, but I don't know Fortran. Is it possible you could restate your question to explain exactly what your kernel's input and output will be?

Doron Singer

Its ok now, I resolved my problem another way. Thank you anyway... :)

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