OpenCL Studio startup error

OpenCL Studio startup error

I'm unable to run OpenCL Studio ( ), because of this OpenGL error:I'm using the GPU of my Clarckdale Intel i3 530 for graphics.Any chance to solve the issue, maybe fixing the OpenGL client in future video driver release?(not sure if it's an OpenGL or OpenCL related question, but i think it's all right to show the problem here)

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This is Intel OpenGL driver issue.
Please contact intel support site

As far as I know Intel "OpenCL device" is not tied to GPU but to CPU only for this ARB extension must be supported by the "emulated" device or by the Clarkdale GPU?

ProbablyClarkdale GPU doesn't support this extension.
Nothing releated to OpenCL CPU device.
Please contact OpenCL studio support team for more clarifications.

Probably they created the IDE thinking to an OpenCL "video device" OpenGL compliant too.Thanks ;)

Looks like installing new GPU driver may solve your issue. Assuming it is openGL one.Try downloading hereArnon

I have the problem with those drivers :|

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