OpenCL compiler optimization

OpenCL compiler optimization


I just would like to advertise a very interesting project based on OpenCL :

Maybe the Intel team can integrate it natively (if not done !!). Everybody can benefit from it !!!

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Thanks for sharing,You can readWriting Optimal OpenCL Code with Intel OpenCL SDK, orReal-Time Shallow Water Simulation with OpenCL for CPUs (GDC'11 Khronos OpenCL BOF)to get some insights on Intel OpenCL compiler.You can see also that Intel is active in the LLVM project.Regards,- Arnon

Thanks Arnon,I have read the first one and will read the second.So, do you think that Intel can also help us to develop the CLPP library ( ? It is a building-block of a lot of OpenCL applications and of course can help in optimizing a lot of OpenCL based applications !To be honnest, I can't work full-time on this project ... so, some help will be welcomed ! (There is a lot of work to do if we want something compared to CUDA... but it is possible). But so, I can't fight against all the NVidia alone ... at least as part-time :-PRegardsKrys

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