Bugs found in Linux version not present in Windows version!

Bugs found in Linux version not present in Windows version!

As I did months away I checked Intel OpenCL Linux under Nvidia SDK samples finding to my surprise that some examples work in Windows but not in Linux..

For example oclNbody fails compilation of kernel sources oclNbodykernel.cl
Build Log:
:80:44: error: call to 'mul24' is ambiguous
:3585:35: note: candidate function
:3586:36: note: candidate function

+ many more similar errors
after that I declare that at the start of oclNbodykernel.cl
#define mul24(a,b) (a*b)
then we get at kernel compilation:
CreateProgramAndKernel _noMT...
Loading Uncompiled kernel from .cl file, using oclNbodyKernel.cl
Stack dump:
0. Running pass 'CallGraph Pass Manager' on module ''.
1. Running pass 'Sparse Conditional Constant Propagation' on function '@gravitation'
Violacin de segmento (`core' generado)

Some other samples have problems also with mul24 ambigous errors but not on Windows..

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Thanks for this report
It looks like a bug in our SDK
We will look into that
Thanks, Shiri

The bug was fixed. The samle should work with gold release.
Thanks, Shiri

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