Dynamic Linking Problems

Dynamic Linking Problems

I just downloaded and installed the SDK, and rebooted. My paths are set up correctly (INTELOCLSDKROOT, and the bin folder is on my path). I followed the directions for building the samples with Visual Studio, and all 4 built correctly. When I try to run them, however, I get an "Entry Point Not Found" error on tbb.dll (it's for a procedure entry pointwith a mangled form ofthrow_exception_v4). This happens whether I run from Visual Studio or the command line. When I close the error box, the command window lists: "ERROR: Failed to find Intel OpenCL platform." I am running Visual Studio 2008 on Windows 7.

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Such a problem may occure when another Intel product isinstalled on the system.
I assume that there is another tbb.dll in path that have different version of TBB library.

You may also inspect the "Output" window in the Visual Studio, on application start this window
contains the information of loaded modules(DLLs). There you can find which TBB.DLL is loaded.

Thanks, that fixed the problem. I had another program installed that used tbb.dll.

If I link a normal C++ program against this library things work fine. Now I also want to use this library from Python.

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