printf support in SDK

printf support in SDK

Hi,I try to use the printf with the lats version of the SDK... but nothing is printed in my output !I use the following code :#pragma OPENCL EXTENSION cl_intel_printf : enableprintf("%d ", i);I work under Visual Studio 2008 with Win7 64 bits.I have also try to open my console with : AllocConsole(); HWND hConsole = (HWND)GetStdHandle(0xfffffff5); ShowWindow(hConsole, SW_SHOWMINNOACTIVE); AllocConsole(); HWND hConsole = (HWND)GetStdHandle(0xfffffff5); ShowWindow(hConsole, SW_SHOWMINNOACTIVE);But no success... nothing is printed !Do you have an idea ?Thanks

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Could you please attach the complete .cl file (or string) you're using that demonstrates this problem for you?

Hi,There is too much code (+ 4000 lines)!!!!This code works on AMD SDK. It is just a QT application running in VS !Even when I run it from command line... (DOS cmd) I have no message in my console !I don't know what to do to print with Intel SDK !


  1. Which version of the Intel OpenCL SDK are you using?
  2. Can you try to write a simple & small kernel and use printf in it, running it in the same environment that you run your large kernel? Do you see output from the printf call in the small kernel?

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