How to debug a crash

How to debug a crash

Hi,Often, when I run my application... the OpenCL kernel crash !I have no idea where the problem is because I have a lot of OpenCL code in this kernel. So, I'm searching since 2 weeks... but I have "no idea" (really no idea) of the problem !So, do you have ideas to help me to debug this ?

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Hello Polar01,

One tool that could help you in debugging the crash is our SDK's preview support of printf() inside OpenCL kernels. Please see section 2.10 of the user's guide for more details. You'll need the latest release of the SDK for that.

Thanks Eli,I use printf, but unfortunately it doesn't help !!! I have review all my code several times... and find not coding error ! (For info, I work on Win7).

The only way to catch the issue would be binary search: start with commenting your kernel code completely, then uncomment half of it, if still fails, comment next half of the half etc.

Thanks,I have try this... but without success !!Can we generate a PDB file to debug the kernel with Visual Studio ? or to debug the kernel with MinGW (GDB) ?

Currently it is not possible to create PDB files for OpenCL kernel.
We are aware of the need for OpenCL debugger, but we still dont have such tool.
The only way to debug curently is to comment out lines in the kernel until the problemtaic line is found.
If you need further assist you can attach the kernel code and we will try to help.
Thanks, Shiri

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