Intel(r) OpenCL SDK Alpha update now available - 64 bit support, 1.1 full coverage, and more

Intel(r) OpenCL SDK Alpha update now available - 64 bit support, 1.1 full coverage, and more

Now available!

Intel OpenCL SDK update with full
coverage of the OpenCL* 1.1 standard to the Intel CoreTM
processors, and support for both 32-bit and 64-bit applications on Windows* based
operation systems.

Lots of great feedback in this forum has helped to shape this update
release and I would like to thank you. We continue to process your feedback and will extend our support and feature set in future releases.

Here is whats new:

  • 64
    bit support
  • Full
    coverage of the OpenCL 1.1 standard on the CPU
    (check Intel OpenCL SDK website
    for conformance status)
  • Preview
    Support for printf() in OpenCL C
    kernels (cl_intel_printf)
  • Preview
    Support for function overloading (cl_intel_overloading)
  • Intel
    OpenCL Offline compiler bug fixes and improvements
  • Many other bug fixes

- Arnon

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I have triedintel_ocl_sdk_alpha_x64.exe. Its product overview says the alpha version only supports Intel core processor device.GPU is also integrated intosandy bridge. When canIntel openclsupport GPU device in sandy bridge? Thanks!

This topic is being discuss on a different thread:

You can read the status there or in the FAQ section on the SDK front page.

 I am having Tesla M2050 GPU and Xeon(R) CPU  X5650  on my machine and OpenCL 1.1 installed on it for Nvidia GPU, I want to run OpenCL  programe on Intel cpu but I am not able to get OpenCL 1.1 SDK for Intel only OpenCL 1.2 SDK for Intel cpu is available , so from where I can get OpenCL 1.1 SDK for Intel CPU.


Any reason you need OpenCL 1.1? You can install 1.2 and only use 1.1 features.


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