Using IGP resources in parallel with external video

Using IGP resources in parallel with external video

Hi,My idea is to use external graphic card for connecting monitor ang IGP HD 4000 (on CI7-3770) or HD3000 (on CI7-2600) for parallel computing support using OpenCL. Is it possible? What system configuration I should use?

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I think it's not possible as the GPU cannot not be accessed in headless mode. I have a i7-3770K with a GTX680. When I'm using GT2, I make iGPU my primary GPU (boot from IGPU).


It's a pity:(

Hi Mikhail,

We are aware of this limitation and looking into this. Unfortunately I dont have any more details at this point.


Hi Raghu, looking forward hearing news from you.

I found out more about the issue. Theoritically this is supposed to work _if_ you are in a hybrid mode - meaning you have Intel's Processor graphics and have a discrete card - with both the drivers installed and using the discrete as your primary adapter. Currently this is not working and we are working on a fix in the driver.

Now, if you have switchable graphics then the proxy driver comes from the discrete graphics card vendor and that's a different story.

Can you let me know what your configuration is and whether your system has switchable graphics?


I have Ci-7 3770 with external nVidia card. Display is connected to nVidia. My idea was to use IGP for calculation of my algorythm. I have Linux and Win7. I'm not sure i have IGP drivers installed, i'll check. Ans this is desktop, so no switchable graphics, i think...

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