Support of Intel Xeon Phi ?

Support of Intel Xeon Phi ?


Is there some plan to support Intel Xeon Phi with OpenCL ?

If yes, is there some way for companies/partners etc... to test their application with it ? At least for profiling and debugging ?

BTW, I would like to know if there are some performance strategies to optimize memory accesses when using 50 cores... what's happen it all the cores request the same information etc... ?


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Yes, OpenCL will be supported on Intel Xeon Phi,
Here is one example of a product that will use OpenCL on Intel Xeon Phi: AccelerEyes Adds Support for Xeon Phi

We will soon communicate more information.
Nevertheless, we invite developers to visit Intel booth #2617 at the upcoming SC'12 conference in Salt Lake City and learn more about programming to Intel Xeon Phi.

- Arnon

Thanks a lot,

Unfortunately we are based in Europe !

Is there a way to test if our software work on it ?


This is very great news! Looking forward to announcements from SC12.

Hope you all got the news. OpenCL 1.2 will be supported on Intel Xeon Phi.
Read more at:


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