Using intel SDK for Visual studio 2008 , Vc++ , SDK

Using intel SDK for Visual studio 2008 , Vc++ , SDK

Hello Gurus,

I am developing an application in visual c++ 2008, MFC. General configuration mode of my application is MakeFile. But MakeFile configuration type does not support fields for input of Include and library files for Intel SDK softwares. The configuration type which provide field for input of Intel SDK are of type->Application(.exe). How can we develop intel sdk apps with MakeFile as configuration type .

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I haven't created a makefile project in VS, but you should be able to specify any LIB and INCLUDE paths in your makefile. Is that not working for you? Can you attach a simple reproducer for me to look at?


hello sir,
i have attached one simple make file application with just cmd line settings done for it , kindly check and suggest where in the project settings would i be inserting the intel sdk's library and include files.


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I didnt see any sources in your attachment. When you build your opencl program what error are you getting?


Hello Sir,
Acctually i needed to know how to integrate the intel sdk library and include additional files dependency in Configuration of Make file projects.

with regards

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