Download links for SDK for OpenCL Applications???

Download links for SDK for OpenCL Applications???

I thought I was going to start developing some OpenCL applications, and decided to download the library files I needed in order to develop OpenCL applications for the Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 graphics card, which I guess are all included in the SDK. But when I get to the web page for Intel SDK for OpenGL Applications 2012, there are no links for downloading the SDK. I even clicked on the link Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications 2013 Beta - download here which says in the title that you can download the SDK on that page, but it doesn't seem to have any download links on it either. And the page Intel® SDK for OpenCL* Applications Installation Guide tells you that you should run the relevant installation package according to the target operating system, but it doesn't list any installation packages and it doesn't link you to any. So, where the h*ll are the download links? It is extremely stupid to create a web page in a way in which it is impossible top download the relevant software, and it's very frustrating for the people who had intended to use it but couldn't find any way to download it. Am I blind, or am I stupid? Is there something I am missing here? Or is it supposed to be like this on every Intel web page? Sorry if I sound a bit harsh, but this is pissing me off.

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Haha, oboy, I found the download location at last, up in the right corner. That is one of the last places you will look at, honestly, especially since the square has that dark blue color which automatically gets sorted out as some kind of add when you look at it. I didn't even notice it until I took a second very careful look at the entire web page. Put the download link at some other place, at some place where you look, like in the body text or just below the page title for example.

Edit: I guess I feel a bit stupid for my rant earlier now that I have found the download link though :P

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