Interoperability between OpenCL and TBB

Interoperability between OpenCL and TBB


I'd like to know what the interoperability status is between Intel OpenCL and TBB.  In specific, can I look forward to problems (or not) if I make calls to Intel OpenCL from within TBB tasks?  Do I have to worry about oversubscription (will they use the same thread queue)?  Do I have to worry about which version of TBB I use with which version of OpenCL.  Sorry if this is answered somewhere in the docs already, I couldn't find it.



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Hi David,

You may be interested in this thread from the TBB forum:

In theory there should be no conflicts -- interoperability with other threading models is one of the goals of TBB. I'm checking with the TBB team to see if there are any more details to report.

Best regards,

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