OCLSocketError when debugging Kernel

OCLSocketError when debugging Kernel

Well, I think that this is my first post on the forum so hi! to everyone.

I have an issue when debugging an OpenCl kernel, when I try to enter a function declared outside it and invoqued inside the kernel I have the following error:

First-chance exception at 0x763cc41f in OpenCL_EGS.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: OclSocketError at memory location 0x02dff9f0..
The thread 'Win32 Thread' (0x11b4) has exited with code -1 (0xffffffff).

In general this error is quite random, sometimes I am able to enter and execute some lines inside the function before the error appears. But what is more weird is that if I do not enter the function and just execute the line where it is invoqued it executes without problem and behaves correctly.

I really need to be able to use this ability inside the function and it is quite frustrating to have this error time by time...

Thanks for your help!

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Thank you for using the forum!

In order to help us with further investigation can you please provide us some more information on your environment:
- Which version of the SDK our you using (2012 or 2013 beta)
- Which version of OS are you working on (32-bit or 64-bit)
- Is it possible to send a code snippet of the kernel code that you’re trying to debug (it will help us to reproduce it on our environment)


I have the error with both versions (2012 and 2013 beta). I had the beta first but then made a downgrade in order to test the platform. The error is less recurrent, but it still exist.
The OS version is Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, but I compile the program with the 32-bit libraries.

The program is an implementation of a Monte Carlo simulation of photon transport. There is a lot of input data that is transferred to the device (for the moment only my CPU, a Core i7 on a Lenovo T420) that is read from inputs files, therefore it is better to send the entire project. I attach a file with the code.

thanks for your help!.
Thanks for your help.


Downloadapplication/zip opencl-egs.zip476.33 KB

Thanks for the information!

We were able to reproduce the failure and find the root cause.

We hope to have the fix available on our next SDK release.



Well, it is great to have contributed a bit with the developing process of the SDK...

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