Musemage OpenCL driver degradation

Musemage OpenCL driver degradation

I'm using an i5-3570K with onboard HD4000 and Musemage which supports OpenCL on GPU. I noticed that with every new driver series performance of Musemage decreases. I guess this is not intended. The ingame benchmark makes it pretty easy to compare. score= 2323 score= 2105 score= 1576

As you can see the oldest driver series achieves the best score which looks a bit odd.

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Hi Michael,

Thank you for the information. I was able to observe a similar pattern in performance figures. So I will forward the information to the appropriate team for investigation.


Is this still being worked on or not important anymore? Still very slow even with the new driver. It can't be a hardware limitation when even the 15.26 driver rendered that thing 50% faster. Because of the slowness Musemage is a preferred Benchmark for AMD, one example: ...and also a popular Benchmark in reviews.

Is Intel not interested in Musemage?

Hi Michael,

I have submitted a ticket for this issue. But it seems like this is OpenGL, not OpenCL issue.
The article at,320... says:
"We discovered during testing that Musemage, like Photoshop CS6, does nearly all of its GPU-based acceleration via OpenGL. The only feature Musemage currently codes for OpenCL is HDR processing."
And I guess, this was confirmed by our initial analysis. Still an issue though, so thank you for reporting it.


I didn't know that. It seems almost all testers including me are wrong when we test Musemage and claim it's a test for the OpenCL speed. It also means I have to blame the OpenGL driver for the degradation. Maybe they are not aware of this issue? I will report to them and hope they can solve it.  

The ticket I have submitted already has OpenGL assigned as a component, so we just need to wait for the final investigation/fix.


Here is an interesting pdf from Nvidia:

Background of Musemage

- Standard GLSL 1.2 program

Roadmap V2.0

-CUDA/OpenCL Support

Current version is 1.9.5. Next major upgrade to v2.x might add OpenCL support to a bigger range of features. improved it. Now I get 1900 points. This is 300-350 points better than with previous 15.31 drivers. It however can't reach 15.28 and 15.26.

Can't find that driver on Intel Download page... Is that a beta build ?

No this is final.Intel just don't release most drivers itself.

Good blog to be aware of, thanks :)

By the way there is a another one apparently. Anyway I will just wait for the officially released one (or one that Intel send me :).

Yes but 15.28 series only.

Moving to an Haswell system soon (I hope) so I will indeed need a newer driver than that.

Thanks again for the link :)

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