HD4000 OpenCL Profiling.

HD4000 OpenCL Profiling.


I was wondering if Intel had any tool to do some profiling of the HD4000 when using OpenCL.

My application is OpenGL based so the Intel GPA just doesn't pick it up at all.

(Running on Win7 x64).


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Good point,

You can start with the System Analyzer tool. It is true that more data is available for DX applications, but there are some great options for any applications. Use this article: http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/collecting-opencl-related-metrics-with-intel-graphics-performance-analyzers

We will increase the coverage of the tools in the upcoming releases.



Hi Arnon,

Well I tried that but the only thing appearing in the System Analyzer are the CPU (Frequency and Load) and Power metrics.

I think that my program falls into the Console type because it doesn't have a DirectX window. I wonder if I can hook a fake one doing nothing to go around that...


Hi Arnon,

(not sure what happened to my previous answer so posting again)

Well when connecting the System Analyzer tool to my application it showed only CPU and Power metrics.

So I took the code from D3D Tutorial 02 Vertices and added that to my application. It creates a small D3D Windows in addition to my MFC application.

I can now see the DirectX and GPU metrics but there is no GPU Memory Write/Read metrics at all there. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

I have the R5 version of GPA (info attached )



Downloadtext/plain gpa-status.txt635 bytes

Here is the list of metrics I am seeing in the GPA System analyser.

It is quite different from the list shown in the article you pointed me at.



Downloadimage/png gpa-metrics.png10.46 KB

Looks like the Memory metrics are not showing up in the tool. What is your driver version?

Hi Chuck,

I think that I have the latest available. Please see the report generated by the display tool.




Downloadtext/plain hd4000-info.txt1.68 KB


To see memory metrics you'll also need to enable a special BIOS option for the HD4000 system, as described in the Intel GPA online help:

On Intel® HD Graphics 4000/2500: to access metrics marked with the asterisk (*), you must explicitly enable the Intel(R) Graphics Performance Analyzers option in your BIOS settings:

  1. Select Advanced

  2. Select System Agent (SA) Configuration

  3. Select Graphics Configuration

  4. Reboot your machine

If the BIOS on your system does not include the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers option, update your BIOS to the latest version from Intel. After completing your performance monitoring activity, we recommend that you disable the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers BIOS option and reboot your machine.

If this doesn't work, please let me know and I'll do some more research on this.



Hi Neal,

Thanks for the info but unfortunately my BIOS doesn't seem to have the option.

I have the latest bios for my Asus P8Z68-V PRO too.

I can see the Select Graphics Configuration but there is nothing in it for GPA.

Best Regards,


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