OpenCL Kernel Builder : Missing support for image3d_t

OpenCL Kernel Builder : Missing support for image3d_t


I would really like to use the Analyze part of the Kernel builder but since most of my kernels are taking an image3d_t as input it doesn't work.

I am not sure if it has reported it before or not, but can you please add the image3d_t format to supported list of inputs.

Loading from file as Raw data would be enough.

Also I have defined a struct buffer that I am passing as constant, it is not really clear in that case how to define it in the Kernel Builder.

An example in the documentation would be welcome.

Best Regards,


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We will consider your suggestions for the future release. Thanks for the feedback.


Hi Laurent,

Indeed both structs and image3d are not supported today. image1d aren't as well, and we consider supporting all 3 in the future if there is a need for them.

That said, if you could somehow split your structs to primitives in the kernel arguments - that will allow you to do the analysis with today's Kernel Builder.



Hi Oren,


Indeed the new OpenCL 1.2 image formats are not supported. I hadn't checked them since I was using OpenCL 1.1 until recently.

Actually I removed the struct I had for some of the kernels and these were using the image2d so I can analyze the kernels now.

However this doesn't really help me to understand why they are not working on HD4000 (they work fine on I7, slow but fine).

Raghu has the code for that and the test application.


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