cl_channel_order 0x10BD ?

cl_channel_order 0x10BD ?

When my application starts I like to enumerate the texture format supported and today I noticed that with the latest driver I am now getting the following for the HD4000:

Supported 2D Image formats:

cl_channel_order 0x10BD + Channel Type CL_FLOAT

cl_channel_order 0x10BD + Channel Type CL_UNORM_INT16

As far as I can see in OpenCL 1.2 SDK 0x10BD is not defined, is it possible to know what channel order that represents?



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0x10BD is CL_DEPTH used by the driver for shadow textures.


Its in the 1.2 extension spec (section 9.12.1).

Hi Raghu,

Thanks for the information.


Indeed I had missed that part.

However it is not defined in any include files provided with the SDK 3.0. I guess it will come with the next SDK update.


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