intel opencl headless support

intel opencl headless support


i can access to intel quicksync in igp headless mode but i cannot use intel opencl in headless mode when my monitor is connected with nvidia  discrete gpu further if i connect my monitor to intel igp i can access both intel opencl and nvidia opencl(confirmed with gpu-z and gpu caps viewer) is there a way to use intel opencl acceleration while connecting your monitor to nvidia dgpu. is this a driver limitation from intel ?my operating system is windows 8.1 and i have tried different versions intel 15.33 drivers but no difference.


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Hi onizuka,

In the last OpenCL SDK this issue was fixed you can read the release note here :

Support in dual adapter mode on Windows* 8: enables OpenCL workloads to be accelerated on Intel HD Graphics when the device is not directly connected to a display and fully enabled running Intel driver.


i will try installing this sdk thanks

installation not working in compatibility mode in windows 8.1

my pc is windows 8 64 bit

no answer


What's the error you are getting while installing?


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